Franklin p.e.

Welcome to Franklin PE! 

My name is Mrs. Burr and I am the PE teacher at Franklin.

Your child will come to PE twice each week and learn through movement during 45 minute sessions.

Look below to see when your child has PE!

Remind them to wear comfortable clothes (think layers) and sneakers on those PE days!

Looking forward to a wonderful year!

PE 2023-2024

1S Mon. & Tues.

1N Tues. & Thurs.

1Mc Wed. & Fri.

1Ma Wed. & Thurs.

2H Mon. & Wed.

2A Tues. & Thurs.

2G Wed. & Fri.

3W Mon. & Tues.

3S Wed. & Thurs.

3A Mon. & Wed.

3M Wed. & Fri.

4VS Tues. & Fri.

4ES Wed. & Fri.

4D Mon. & Tues.

4B Wed. & Thurs.

5D Wed. & Fri.

5K Mon. & Thurs.

5A Tues. & Wed.